Asymmetrical VR for Education

Expressive faces

Halting Problem and Computer Simulation of Real World

Director – Actor: 2033 Education in VR


2022 AD, 3 AC


Journey Started on Spatial Audio

Grasping real and virtual objects

Walking Balance with Vive Trackers on the Ankles

Augmented Reality and the Future of Language

Personal values

A Glimpse of MultipeerConnectivity


Happy New Year


Obtain Guardian Boundaries on Quest

Final projects

Disable Guardian on the Oculus Quest

Pytorch Foot Image Classification

Seeing the future take shape

Learning to Generate Chairs with Convolutional Neural Networks

Paper reading: SDM-NET & New tools for 3D deep learning

Tested a 15m Walkway

Virtual Reality Wildlife Photography Simulator

A parallel world

Node Based Terrain Generation

Normalize the pose and visualization

Virtual Obstacles in Gait

Installing Unity ML Agents

Christmas in November

Distributed Systems and Virtual Reality

Niantic’s Beyond Reality Developer Contest

Tutorials for installing Ubuntu 18.04 dual system and NVIDIA DRIVER-CUDA-Pytorch GPU toolchain.

Healthcare Showcase @CoHRR

Live coding in the classroom

A Quick Glance at UIST 2019 (Part I)

Virtual Reality as a Physical Shared Space Social Platform

Implement a paper of 3D reconstruction.

Virtual Obstacles in Gait Balance Assessment

Your future bartender

VR Meetups: The Phoenix will Rise Again

Extract Feet Bounding Box from an Entire Walking Path


A brief overview of single-view 3D reconstruction based on Deep Learning

A Preliminary Test with HTC Vive Pro Eye (2)

Tangible Building Blocks in VR

Five slides

VR is other people

Hot Reloading Part 2

EdTech Demo @ Middle Schools

A Preliminary Test with HTC Vive Pro Eye

Future vision

A Few SIGGRAPH 2019 Highlights

Oculus Quest, WebVR, and WebXR

VR for Patients with Chronic Pains

SIGGRAPH Experience

The limits of digital production

Best Art Paper at Siggraph


Write Data locally on Oculus Quest

Literature Review: Blending the Real World with Virtual Environment

Choosing colors

FRL Collaboration

Moving Forward

Animation Contact Pass

A Warm Welcome

New Toy: Notch

Another kind of extended reality

Video: Working on Multi-user Chalktalk Part 2

Monster Facial Animation

Website Update

Stepping into worlds with a Reality Zipper

Rokoko + Quest = Ready Player Zero?

Volumetric Capture Literature Review

Accidental mandala

Immersive music

Working on Multi-user Chalktalk

Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge

Calibrating the Oculus Quest Guardian

Living at the Edge

Facial Animation Progress

Fingertracker for Chalktalk & Filter Blogs by Author

Giving demos from the future

World Science Festival

Procedural Fungi Generation

We Won the Aging Incubator Competition

Shape shifting

Wrapping Up the Semester

CHI 2019

Control Cursor with Pressure

Gazing at SIGCHI


The End*

Playing God for a Day

Overlook the next step of balance assessment

Aruco Detection with Built-in Cameras

We love computer graphics!

A Quick and Easy Calibration Method

Picking Up Isn’t So Easy

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