Rokoko + Quest = Ready Player Zero?


Rokoko motion capture suit is an IMU-based motion capture system with IMU sensors worn on the human body and recovers poses from measuring orientation and acceleration of each IMU sensor. The suit tracks all the major body components except fingers with 19 IMUs.

Last week, Ben, Connor and I made a demo video showing how we use Rokoko suit to drive VR avatars in different scaling. The first part of the video shows our replicated lab in VR and a mini-sized performer walking around on a table; and the second part shows two avatars interacting in a mountain scene with one of them standing on the hand of the other.

Most previous research involves expensive passive optical systems (marker-based motion capture) to capture body movement. However, the systems restrict motions to a relatively small space in a controlled laboratory or clinical
facilities due to the complicated installation of cameras. In these two scenarios, it is not necessary to obtain motions with super high accuracy. The affordable and portable IMU-based motion capture grants us a lot more accessibilities. Plus, Oculus Quest provides an untethered VR display which makes the system even more portable.

I believe the 2018 Spielberg movie Ready Player One must have given you an unforgettable impression of VR experience. Our untethered VR system is just like Ready Player Zero, exactly a generation before that.

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