Healthcare Showcase @CoHRR


On Oct 25, we are going to present a poster in a research showcase organized by The Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research (CoHRR). The CoHRR provides opportunities for networking and discussion in all kinds of research fields related to physical rehabilitation. The project we are going to present is our foot analysis system.

The foot analysis system utilizes a pressure sensing mat to measure arch index in static and dynamic paradigms, foot orientation, foot dimensions, the center of pressure, the width of stance in real-time. The pressure-sensing floor mat from Tactonic Technologies consists of a matrix of force sensors where each pressure sensor can sense pressure from 50g of pressure up to 5kg of pressure and one piece of mat is 20 in by 12 in inches of the active sensing area.

For anyone who is interested in our work or the research showcase related to healthcare, the showcase will take place on Friday October 25 from 2-4:30pm in the Pless Hall (82 Washington Square East) in the First Floor Lounge.

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