Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge

June 6th we took to Verizon’s Alley office to present our work for the past couple of months. A team of us at the lab have been working on a multi-user collaborative classroom. Specifically, we focused on creating a classroom lesson where students get together to build a cell from parts that are floating between them in AR.

Example of the Cell Model

We also make use of physical manipulables, in this case cards, in order to have the 3D cell parts appear in the scene. With the camera we have looking at each table, we are able to see which combination of cards students place on the table and make the corresponding cell organelles appear.

Example of cards with Aruco Markers

In our setup, the Mira Prism headsets sent remote control information to our server, and managed when different users moved objects. Additionally, our camera would send its feed to the server, and the server would then communicate with the phones about which objects had appeared on the scene by recognizing the cards on the table.

Our team at Verizon’s Alley

Overall, we had a great demo at Verizon! If there are any updates on this project, I will be sure to post them in future blog posts 🙂

The hologram of the cell
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