FRL Collaboration


Header Photo: viewing New York City from the edge of Roosevelt Island

Earlier this week, a few of us at the FRL visited Cornell Tech to meet with the Mixed Reality (MR) group. We were kindly invited to discuss our work and see whether we might collaborate in the future based on shared interests. (I met a couple people from Cornell Tech during my time at SIGCHI 2019.) The Cornell group also shared some of its projects, ideals, and questions. I was happy to see that the group took interest in our work, and it seemed as though we had complementary interests and experience. We also discussed the future of MR and its relation to computer vision and machine learning, fields that will probably play important parts in a more mature realization of MR technologies. I am looking forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate. Specifically, a couple of the PhD students in the Cornell program are interested in education and accessibility (e.g. for people of low vision). These areas, I think, cannot be neglected. It strikes me as obvious that we should have them in mind when thinking about the way in which we design technologies/interfaces. I am hoping that those of us at FRL and elsewhere can draw upon each other’s expertise to develop new projects and ideas.

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