A Preliminary Test with HTC Vive Pro Eye (2)


There was a previous blog I wrote about Tobii eye tracking system embedded with HTC Vive. A few friends who are interested in it asked me about my experience with the eye tracking system, so I feel it is good to talk a bit more about it in this blog.

There are currently two SDKs that support HTC Vive Eye Pro system, one from Vive and one from Tobii. The one I used most is Tobii SDK. They put a lot of efforts into the visualization of the eye tracking data. In the last blog, I showed that the system would be able to visualize head movement as a head avatar. Fixation is determined by shooting a ray from the center of two eyes to the focus point. And a heatmap helps to visualize the duration of the fixation by heating the target fixation in red color if the user focuses the same position longer and using green/blue color if the fixation on the spot has less duration fo time.

The visualization is also great to compare behaviors from different recordings. If there are multiple recording data to visualize, we can select an arbitrary number of the recordings and have them shown in the same scene simultaneously. For example, in the video shown, the system is showing 4 users’ recordings. Each of the head avatars represents one recording, each of them can cast eye-tracking ray to the shelf, arrows in different colors on the ground indicate the paths of the avatars, and heatmap shows which places get more attention from the users in red on the surface of the objects.

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