CHI 2019


// Sorry for the late blog. I will share my personal feeling of CHI 2019 in brief here and attach a link to my full notes in the end.

This is my second CHI experience. Differently, I have something to present this year although it is just a late-breaking work. Check the official preview video !

Glasgow is a city with high humidity. Love it!

The first acquaintance I found during the open keynotes is one of the outstanding dissertation winners, Robert Xiao. He is smart, methodical, and capable. Now he is a new assistant professor in UBC. Later I went to his talk discussing the PhD life, which was very informative.

I spent most of the time on going to paper sessions, one day on demo session and the rest on catching up with old friends and hanging out with new friends. CHI is a huge conference. Like SIGGRAPH, we must miss some sessions and get lost during the conference, but I enjoy it a lot this year.

Good finding: The most popular keyword at CHI 2019 is VR.

// Paper sessions
Following are the sessions I found very relative and interesting. Please go to session: “Interacting with Videos”, “Mixed Reality”, “Novel Tracking”, “AR/VR”, “Gesture”, “Sketching and Painting”, “3D Pointing and Hands” and “Augmenting Interactions”. Without doubts, they are either VR/AR works, sketch or smart home.

// Demos
I spent the coffee break of the first two days on demos. I found one cubic keyboard very attractive and experience two collaborative VR/AR work. Especially when I was experiencing an AR brick demo, Ken was around and I totally did not realize that until he asked the question next to me, “I think my student and I are not in the same world because she cannot see me now.” That was fun. I haven’t got chances to try VR swing and the drone control because of the line. That must be fun.

// Presenting Our Work
During the coffee break of the third day, we were standing in front of our poster almost all the time. I have to say the placement of the posters were terrible. Different aisles are too close to each other. People have to try hard to see the posters in the middle of the aisles. I doubt that is what presenters and audience want. During the LBW session, I found out explaining things are not easy sometimes, which means our poster or video should be more clear. Also, some interesting ideas showed up during the discussion from people who are interested in the idea. I am very glad then.

// New Friends
I am so happy to share my stays with another MIT Ph.D. student. She is in fabrication and I am in VR/AR, so we have almost no shared sessions. Luckily, we share the same idea of attending conferences, off-parties, and Scotland. We accidentally met each other again in Edinburgh without intentionally finding each other. Time to schedule a trip to Boston!

Full notes (TBC):

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