Write Data locally on Oculus Quest


This post is to share the solution of a problem that happened during the development with Oculus Quest. I got the solution from Connor (he was a colleague who has a lot of experience on Quest and just graduated in the summer).

I have been working on a Unity project which requires to record position and orientation data of the headset and both controllers. Quest is an Android device, and it is a standalone VR system so that the data will be written locally on Quest. Writing data locally on Quest doesn’t seem to be a complicated task. However, you would not find the recording files if you don’t do the following two steps:

  1. Use “Application.persistentDataPath” and the location of the recording files to create a path for the persistent data directory. (e.g. string path = Application.persistentDataPath + “./Data/test.txt” )
  2. After recording, you need to restart Quest for the recording files to be shown in file explorer when you connect Quest to a computer.

Before Connor told me the solution, I spend hours and tried to figure out where the problem was located. I searched on the web but found no effective solution for the issue. So I feel it is better to share it here just in case somebody has the same headache in the future.

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