Virtual Reality Wildlife Photography Simulator


I started an experiment if it’s possible to take a screenshot of a camera that takes a screenshot of what the camera is seeing which then is rendered to a photograph in virtual reality. Although I expected the performance wouldn’t be too well since it’s using the Oculus Quest, but it turned out it worked really well.

A GIF of a previous build

Players can simply grab the camera by holding the grip button and press the trigger button to take a snapshot of what the camera is seeing. I tested this experience with other people and they seemed to be very satisfied with the interaction design of the camera.

After seeing this experiment to be successful, I am planning to build a short experience of a wildlife photographer in virtual reality. I will try to build more features based on this experiment. Stay tuned for more updates!

Snap Odyssey is a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Quest where you discover & take photographs of animals in the wild. Use your camera in virtual reality to take pictures and collect them for your album. You can travel to 5 continents in the game, select a designated path on the map to explore the wilderness with your car. There are numerous hidden animals in the experience and you have to find the perfect timing on your visit.

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