Playing God for a Day


So, in my last post over I went over pretty much the main mechanic of my VR film: drawing. It took me nearly an entire semester to get it to a comfortable enough point where I could feel confident in moving on, but alas, here we are.

Now comes the part that’s the most fun of all: world building. Just like everything else I’ve been doing this semester (and will be doing next semester), I’m starting pretty much from nothing. I have no experience in world-building, developing games, rendering 3D models, etc.

But, like with everything else I do, I adapt. After rolling through about a weeks-worth of tutorials in Blender, Unity exporting, Maya, etc. I can (at the very least) say I’m a barely proficient animator! Not much, but hey, I’ll take it.

This film requires the creation of an avatar to play the lead character’s mother, as well as the rendering of a bedroom scene and a tropical island scene. There are many moving components I need to consider as I design these models, but I’m excited to tackle every problem I face along the way!

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