Fingertracker for Chalktalk & Filter Blogs by Author


I am sure most of you have seen Ken’s Chalktalk demos. In one of his demos, he uses a green object attached to a pen as the drawing tool. It would be nice to use bare hands as the tool for interaction, so we implemented this simple hand tracking component for Chalktalk. It uses the dropdown UI to help users select which finger is the one they like to use. A ray will attach to the selected finger as a visualization of the real-time motion tracking, and the xyz position will be sent to a port of localhost through UDP.

Chalktalk is a great interaction tool for demonstration and education. Ken, Zhenyi and Karl are the major developers, they have had a number of publications and studies on it. For anyone interested in Chaltalk, please check their blogs:

This is also a good way to refine blogs by authors. A few people asked me how to read the blogs written by a specific author. You just need to replace the name in the above URLs. Or open a recent blog written by the one you like to read and click on the name under the title. It will give you all the blogs written by that author.

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