Control Cursor with Pressure

Pressure sensing technologies have the advantage of obtaining the center of pressure. The center of pressure (COP) is defined by measuring the mean position of pressure distribution on the planar surface of the pressure mat.

The COP of both feet are not going to be the same when we stand on the pressure mat and adjust foot postures or weight shifting, such as leaning forward, leaning backward, leaning to the left, leaning to the right, supination, pronation, one foot on the toe while the other foot on the heel, etc.

We can use pressure variances to do some interactions. My current approach is to map a trapezoid that the COP can cover to a rectangle region of a window by using a 2D transformation. The method works just fine but usability experiments suggest that more works are required to get a smooth and natural control. The goal is to use intuitive postures to control the cursor like a mouse or a joystick.

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