We Won the Aging Incubator Competition

We Won the Aging Incubator Competition

After participating 2 rounds of application to the second Annual Innovators in Aging Award, our team (Zhu Wang, Marta Gospodarek and Rufei Sheng, advised by Prof. Ken Perlin and Prof. Anat Lubetzky) finally won the award. The competition, held by NYU Aging Incubator, aims to promote the study of aging and its impacts, and further improve the aging population’s health and quality of life.

We proposed to build a balance assessment system combining VR display, 3D audio and pressure sensing technologies. The basic idea is to create challenges which could cause participants imbalance symptoms so that we can collect and assess their balance data under imbalanced condition. Pressure sensing technologies can access balance parameters through pressure dynamics.

We have already implemented a preliminary system which utilizes only one or two pieces of pressure mat for standing balance assessment. But for the next step, we are going to extend our work to a walking paradigm which uses a larger pressure sensing surface by tilting together multiple pressure mats. Thanks to the NYU Aging Incubator for giving us an opportunity to extend and complete our work!

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Zhenyi He

Congratulations!!! Should’ve checked this earlier! Excellent work.

Zhu Wang

Thank you:)

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