Prototyping Human Interaction

In a few years smartphones will be replaced by small high quality VR/AR glasses, enabling computer-supported face-to-face communication, and that will change everything.  At the Future Reality Lab, we are helping to make that future better, friendlier and more human centered.

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Seeing the future take shape

Today at the start of my graduate graphics class we showed a VR metaroom demo with multiple people in the classroom wearing Quest VR headsets, holding controllers and collaborating over WebVR. We made it even more interesting by having the entire scene — the room with all of its furniture and the avatars of all the participants — replicated in miniature on one of the…

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Learning to Generate Chairs with Convolutional Neural Networks

For a project during my masters degree, we implemented the paper Learning to Generate Chairs by Dosovitskiy et. al. in PyTorch. The only implementation available was the author’s in Caffe with Lua, so we set off to create a clean open source implementation of the work. This work presents an early differentiable renderer using convolutional neural networks in order to render models from ShapeNet. Given…

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