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Story and Spectacle

My recent work needs some more incubation time before I can share it here.  In the meanwhile, some thoughts on film history I’ve recently been exposed to:   What role did Georges Méliès play in the story of film history?  He was not the first to create a cinematographic camera; he begged the Lumière brothers to […]

Adding and Removing Audience Agency

One of the first major decisions we had to make in the early stages of CAVE can be summed up as follows: how much agency are we going to give our audience members ? At first, we thought of having all of the audience members standing, allowing them to move around the virtual set freely, […]

Ready Player Two

When Ready Player One was showing earlier this year, our lab went to watch it together in theater. (Thanks to Ken for buying the tickets!) Ready Player One is a science fiction film tells a story about an adventure in a virtual reality world in the year of 2045. Adventure in VR? It is exactly […]

Calibration Everywhere

Today I wanna discuss a classic topic: Calibration. I was doing stereo camera calibration for making a sketchy AR Rift four years ago. I tried to calibrate the first version of Leap Motion with usb camera three years ago. I did a rough calibration between OptiTrack and HTC Vive one year ago. And I spent […]

Telling stories

We all love listening to stories. When we were children our parents told us stories, and we loved hearing them. For every child knows that in the land of stories anything is possible, and reality is whatever we can imagine. Yet as much as we learn by listening to stories, we learn just as much […]

Sound and Vision

XR experience cannot exist without sound.  Sound is often undervalued in many types of media but in XR environments its role is particularly crucial for designing a truly immersive experience.   Some time ago, when I read this paper, I was fascinated by the extent to which vision and hearing complement each other.   We hear […]

Fear and Spectacle in VR

I’ve always loved scaring people. When I was a kid, I bought hermit crabs on the beach boardwalk, just to put on my little sister’s head while she was sleeping. I’d hide in closets for hours, waiting for my parents to come home from work so I could leap out, screaming like a banshee from […]


I’m Karl Rosenberg, a recent computer science graduate from NYU and an incoming PhD student.(Future Reality PhD student?) As I am interested in the application of technology to education, I am excited to work on Chalktalk at the Future Reality Lab. For newcomers, this video demonstrates Chalktalk well. Chalktalk is a presentation and visualization tool in […]

Reactive Characters and Storytelling

It is commonly said that a story with a subpar plot, but compelling and interesting characters will still do rather well when it comes to attracting an audience. . . Well, to be honest, I am not sure if this is really a commonplace saying, but it is something I have heard more than once […]


Hi everyone, my name is Connor DeFanti, and I am a 5th year Ph.D. student here at the Future Reality Lab. During my time here, I have seen some very exciting advancements in the world of Virtual Reality, and my goal is to be a part of those very exciting advancements.   Every day, there […]