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My Last Post

Hi everyone, this is my last post on the blog. Farewell is always difficult for me, so I’ll keep this short. Working at FRL has been an incredible experience from the beginning. There are no words to described how welcomed I was by the team, and it was impossible to imagine how much this experience […]

Work – Life Balance

Go take a vacation. It’s healthy. I’m writing this blog post in a hotel in Amsterdam. I finally decided to take a nice week long vacation, after a pretty crazy year. And I can’t stress this enough, you can get burned out – make sure to take care of your mind and body. Work is […]

Figuring out Faceware

Over the last 2 weeks, Thomas and I had been figuring out how to get good facial capture results through the use of Faceware. I mentioned in my previous post that I was really looking forward to working with the tech and that it seemed pretty straightforward. And I was right. The software is very […]

Whisper Room….shhhhh

Ever want to sing out loud or scream without anyone else being able to hear you? Well now you can!! We have a new sound booth! Christy and I had the daunting task of setting up the booth. Fortunately, the company sent instructions along with the shipment. The sound booth is located in the corner […]


Hey! My name is Samira Mantri I’m very excited to be the new Administrator at the NYU Future Reality Lab starting in January! This is my first post so I thought it would be great to introduce myself. I’m a senior at NYU majoring in computer science and minoring in game design. With my knowledge […]

When HTC Vive released their ultimate mixed reality (MR) Vive Pro, we were all surprised that a front-facing dual camera is integrated into the headset. Users can see a stereo passthrough video by each eye obtaining a separate image from the stereo camera. Ken told me about one of his idea that is having a […]

To gesture a poem to the Universe

I spend a lot of time imagining what it would be like when SmartPhones become replaced by wearables, to the point where mixed reality becomes the norm. I often look at everyday interactions through the prism of this question. For one thing, once the wearables replace the SmartPhone, I suspect I will end up spending […]

The Future of Silence

The biggest shock I experienced when moving to New York was that there was no place without noise. Sirens, cars, and loud music on the street by my apartment, traffic and construction on the way to work, squeaking subway trains and loud music in the stations, the loud background noise of the air conditioner in […]

The AR Classroom of the Future

Illustration by Kris Layng depicting the augmented reality classroom of the future, as envisioned by the Future Reality Lab. These middle school kids are studying cell cycles,  collaborating by interacting with floating 3D objects that seem to be emanating from blocks below. The room is bright and sunny and they are having a wonderful time, […]

Restoration and Graphics Programming of Web Artwork

I have recently finished a collaborative project with the Guggenheim Time-based Media Lab and NYU CS as the lead programmer for the restoration of a software-based web artwork. Called Unfolding Object (by the artist John F. Simon Jr.), the piece was a Java Applet. Java Applets have been deprecated for some time, so almost no […]