Prototyping Human Interaction

In a few years smartphones will be replaced by small high quality VR/AR glasses, enabling computer-supported face-to-face communication, and that will change everything.  At the Future Reality Lab, we are helping to make that future better, friendlier and more human centered.

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Implement a paper of 3D reconstruction.

Kristofer and I found a paper Learning Implicit Fields for Generative Shape Modeling [], which is about using the implicit function to do 3D reconstruction. They use a DenseNet-like structure. Unlike DeepSDF, they use a binary output. Given a latent vector and a 3D coordinate, the network will output 0/1 which expresses outside/inside. Its structure is in the following graph. They apply their decoder to…

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Your future bartender

A few years from now you go out to a local hangout with your date. The two of you, together with lots of other people in the room, put on your XR glasses,. Suddenly you are all sharing another world. You can walk around in that world, listen to stories, play games, experience moments of transcendence and wonder. But there will also be people there…

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