Prototyping Human Interaction

In a few years smartphones will be replaced by small high quality VR/AR glasses, enabling computer-supported face-to-face communication, and that will change everything.  At the Future Reality Lab, we are helping to make that future better, friendlier and more human centered.

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Normalize the pose and visualization

Last week I finish the function for the pose skeleton normalization. Given a referenced skeleton expressed with global coordinates, we can take some joints of it(instead of all joints) and normalize the length of the chosen joints of the skeletons in other frames. All the computations are using PyTorch’s tensor, which can be easily used for Deep Learning, or transferred to Numpy array. Also, to…

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Virtual Obstacles in Gait

A few weeks earlier, I talked about two papers I read regarding gait balance when fixed or suddenly appeared obstacles are involved. The papers are Age Effects on Strategies Used to Avoid Obstacles, and Anxiety-mediated gait adaptations reduce errors of obstacle negotiation among younger and older adults: Implications for fall risk. We have been looking for protocols and virtual environment setups that are helpful in stimulating the conditions…

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