Prototyping Human Interaction

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A Bit Of A Tangent…

Recently, I haven’t been focused on one specific project here at the lab, and have been dabbling in a couple of things. I have officially moved my Mammoth Simulator over to iPads using the Google Anchors that I spoke about in my previous article. On the side, I have been doing some 3D modeling and […]

The Best AR Hardware

I’m a bit busy today with a paper deadline, so I’ll just leave you with a thought I had this morning. I tried out the best piece of AR hardware a little over a year ago; I started wearing glasses and saw the world like I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I don’t […]

Jurassic Park VR Game in NYC

Today, Pasan, Kris, Thomas and I went to Times Square to try a new VR game and experience in New York city: Jurassic World VR Expedition.  The plot is that you and three friends are inside a safari car going through a jungle filled with dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all around you, they scare you, […]

First look at OpenPose

Today, I implemented the OpenPose library on two of my machines. OpenPose uses deep learning through convolutional networks to estimate human poses from single camera footage. My first attempt – implementing OpenPose on my laptop For this first attempt, I compiled OpenPose on my laptop which is running Ubuntu 18.04 and has an integrated Intel […]

Storytelling Across Multiple Mediums

How often is a new creative medium made in one’s lifetime? We’ve had three new mediums that’ve been enabled through many recent breakthroughs in technology over the last decade — virtual reality, augmented reality, and creating living/reactive physical spaces via IoT (Internet of Things) devices — for individuals to express themselves and create art in. […]

Abnormal Normals

Recently I began work on a new version of the virtual museum I created a few months back. The goal is to take the time to make the museum more visually appealing as well as a bit more user-friendly. As part of my efforts to make everything look better, I began learning how to use Substance […]

Another New Beginning

With every school semester comes a new adventure. Entering my fourth year now as an NYU student, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have attended a school where there are countless opportunities for students who are looking for unique careers. For example, I came into NYU thinking that I was […]

The Paper Panic

Prepping a paper can cause quite a panic, Submitting an abstract can too. Publish or perish will leave you all manic, A dance ending Sept 22!

New York, New York

The year 2018 is ready to enter its 3rd quarter, 17 years have passed since the September 11 attacks. 17 years ago today, I heard that two super high building collapsed from airplane suicide attack from the news. At that time, I was still a junior school student in China. My life was no more […]

Progress of Chalktalk in Unity

This is the first blog posted when I officially came back to the lab! So excited that now I can talk about the detail of the ongoing project. The lab has been working on bringing Chalktalk to immersive environment for a while, and a lot of different devices has been involved in, like Vive, Oculus […]