Prototyping Human Interaction

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Designing a survey for a new medium

As the premiere of CAVE at SIGGRAPH 2018 rapidly approaches, I’ve teamed up fellow FRL-er Connor Defanti and DGP-er Haijun Xia to design a survey. The main goal of the survey is to collect and evaluate what makes CAVE what it is: its strengths, weaknesses, and innovations which make such a phenomenal experience. I’ve found […]

Balance Rehabilitation with VR

I introduced our VR balance assessment platform in my last blog post. This time, I am going to talk about a balance training platform which focuses on training patients to keep balance in complex visual environments. They are both from the collaboration between our lab and Prof. Anat Lubetzky in the Physical Therapy Department. These […]

When you accidentally learn some new

Deep learning is everywhere now. Sometimes I felt if a topic does not include that term, it must be out of date (or maybe too novel to some extent ;-). That fact strongly stops me from learning it because if it is universal to the whole crowd, it is not that distinguished to me, until […]

Two is a complex number

Two mammoths who have found their love ideal Yet how can they be sure their love is real? The partner who can make their heart so merry Might very well be quite imaginary But then they find (to mutual elation) They’re both unreal. Happy conjugation! Alas, it’s more complex for fond designs Of real mammoths […]

git: ‘gud’ is not a git command

Hi, I’m Aaron! As I am writing this on short notice, I decided to contribute something small, bereft of the literary referential signals expected by my New Yorker-tote-bag-armored contemporaries. Instead I present to you: a list of ten book recommendations, each of which will either inspire you or belie my lack of experience, depending on […]

Wabi-Sabi in the Future Reality Lab

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese concept that means finding beauty in simplicity, transience and imperfection. We can find wabi-sabi in many things, natural and man made. It’s the crack on a piece of pottery that gives it character,  the smearing of oil paint on a canvas, or a gnarled old tree stump. It’s a barnacle […]


From the tail-end of my previous post: “Next time (I think): more on this project and “why I am thankful that we have a piano.” I guess this might seem like a curveball, but I need to postpone the music-related post. Today’s post features another session of Chalktalk-related “goings-on.” This week we had another opportunity […]

Characters, Environments and Some Musings

I believe that Augmented Reality (AR) has the capability of breaking the glass screen barrier between us, the audience, and virtual characters. In animated movies or video games, we are either interacting with or simply viewing the character from behind a screen. I am excited to see what content creators will come up with once […]

The Black Dot

If you have read my previous posts, you’ll know that I am a fan of cheap, accessible technology. So far, I have explained why I believe it’s important and where it can lead us, but I haven’t covered the work I have done to push that future. Today, I will show one of the more […]

Balance Assessment with Virtual Reality and Pressure Sensor

Our lab has been collaborating with Prof. Anat Lubetzky in Physical Therapy on several projects. One of the projects I have been working on is a balance assessment project. The combination of VR and Physical Therapy is not a new concept. It has been increasingly used for decades, especially since the explosion of use in […]