VR Meetups: The Phoenix will Rise Again


A long-time friend and collaborator at the lab, David Lobser (known for working on projects such as Flock) organized weekly VR-meetups at our lab. (Credit goes to David for the images in this post)
These featured talks and demos by local VR artists and engineers, and offered us a chance to connect with the community. The meetups were a social gathering where new collaborations could take shape. These meetings, however, were not to last forever. Among David is hard at work collaborating on a fascinating VR spa, or a variant thereof. Here is an old article covering what I assume is a prototype:  Oddly Satisfying Spa. The other week we had one final hoorah for the VR meetings, and there were plenty of familiar faces.

Flock, a GIF from David’s site

I imagine that these sorts of gatherings will continue elsewhere, in which case as Ken puts it, the phoenix will rise from the ashes. However, as a consistent attendee of these meet-ups, I feel as though we should find more time to create these social gatherings, to invite discussion and bring new ideas into the mix.
Thanks to David and Ken for the meet-ups!

David Lobser’s work (breathtaking VR experiences and shader work) can be found on his website: http://www.dlobser.com/
I particularly like Cosmic Sugar: http://www.dlobser.com/Cosmic-Sugar

Cosmic Sugar, a Screen-shot from David’s site

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