Eric Chang

Designing Future Reality (Part 1)

Before reading this blog post, read these two articles first. Age of Entanglement by Neri Oxman (Professor, MIT Media Lab – Mediated Matter Research Group) Design and Science – Can design advance science, and can science advance design? by Joichi Ito (Director, MIT Media Lab) I would summarize these two articles, but I couldn’t find any better way to word their ideas than

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The Infinite Hotel

January 5 & 12 at 5PM and 9PM | January 7-11 at 7:30PM | Post-show conversation on Jan 11 at Irondale “Rock music and Rube-Goldberg- cinematography collide in a cathartic and inventive music-theatre experience. The Infinite Hotel invites live audiences to become ‘extras’ and step inside an elaborate movie-making machine, producing a one-take feature film

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Decoding Noise

What sounds go into silence? Have you ever noticed that there’s never actually moments of actual “silence” when you’re watching a film/tv show? (In fact, when Star Wars The Last Jedi actually decided to include a silent scene that lasted 10 seconds, movie theaters had to put up warning signs since too many people complained

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Augmented Audio

Something I’m really excited about the VR and AR mediums is the development of spatialized audio. I love sound designing, especially for animated films, because it’s about world building. In a film, it’s not the visuals that tell you what you’re supposed to feel at any moment, but the soundscape — the music, the foley

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