Notch Experiments


A followup blog from my last post on Notch.

Last week I wrote about picking up a new software, called Notch, this week I’m going to post some of the work in progress / BTS of the visuals I made for the Sheck Wes x Spotify concert at the Harlem Parish on Monday. (Sadly, it was a bit too hectic for me to run the show and take documentation videos / photos)

The Venue – Harlem Parish

View from the Balcony

Kinect x Smoke Tests on Notch

Underwater Crawl (Purple Verison)


Kinect Raw + Blobs Test (v 1.0)

Underwater Mud + Kinect Look (v 2.0)

Glitch “Mud” Rain… Since the show’s theme was “Mudboy”…


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