Expressive faces

In 1992 I first read Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. I was influenced by many things in that book, but one thing that struck me in particular was the way the Metaverse (a term Stephenson coined for that novel) relied on good facial expression. In the story, Juanita, an expert on facial expression, implements the

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Over the last three years, through the course of the pandemic, we have made various changes to how we operate. We have moved from going to work or class everyday in person to a completely remote approach where we hardly meet in person to get something done. Zoom along with the associated suite of tools

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2022 AD, 3 AC

This is the year of 2022 AD, which is the year of 3 after COVID, is the universe meta enough? The memory of COVID is still fresh, while the impact of COVID is fading out from our life. When we look back to the past 3 years, nothing has really changed, except remote meeting becomes

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As we emerge from the experiences from the past few years, I think that we have learned (or re-discovered) the value of human connection. There is a renewed interest in supporting those connections better. You can see that interest represented everywhere: definitely in the flood of research coming from academia and industry. Collectively, we are

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