Connor DeFanti


The End*

Last Sunday, I successfully defended my dissertation on Co-Located Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems, thus completing my Ph.D. program here are the lab. It’s been a wonderful time over these past 5 years, and the FRL has been a great place to study. *Of course, this isn’t the end for me, but really just the …

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I have been working hard on my thesis, but it’s nice to take a break from thinking about it every once in a while, so I’m going to talk about something different today. I recently celebrated my 27th birthday, so naturally, cubes have been on my mind (wait, what do you mean that’s weird?)… In …

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Weekly Shaders

I am getting closer and closer to graduation, which means that I am getting busier and busier. Sometimes, I find it helps to take a mental break from intense focus and think about something else for a little bit. So, today I’d like to write about something I find fun to program. One of the …

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Toy Blocks

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy playing with toy blocks. They were colorful and varied in size, but were otherwise nondescript. However, I never noticed the plainness of the blocks as a kid. To me, they were infinite in form, anything but plain. In those blocks, I saw buildings, spaceships, monsters, and …

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