Thesis Preview


This will be a shorter post than usual because I’ve been quite busy.

Each day, I’m coming closer and closer to writing my Ph.D. thesis, and I wanted to give a very quick summary of what it will cover.

Over the past 5 years at the FRL, I’ve been studying VR and AR, particularly in the context of how it will affect our daily lives and interactions between people. In particular, I have studied the powers of having co-located VR, or VR where multiple people can interact in the same physical and virutal space. However, it has felt like industry paradigms have not yet pushed towards this direction, instead favoring personal, isolated headsets.

So, my thesis will cover three parts:

  1. What co-located VR and AR is
  2. Why it is important
  3. How we might go about making it happen

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you might know the answers to some of these! But I have a lot to discuss on the matter, so if you’re curious, stay tuned…

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