Zhu Wang


Happy New Year

When the countdown run from 10 to 0 and the ball dropped in Time Square, we had to wave goodbye to 2019 and to all the happiness and sadness that came along with it. In the meantime, our new journey irreversibly boarded on the ship of 2020 which has just been christened by its champagne …

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Tested a 15m Walkway

This week I setup a 15-meter walkway in the lab for the obstacle experiment in walking paradigm. I chose to use Vive pro with a wireless adapter to accomplish a wireless VR experience. Compared with Oculus Quest, the wireless Vive pro is much heavier, and it is still constrained by the coverage of Lighthouses and …

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Virtual Obstacles in Gait

A few weeks earlier, I talked about two papers I read regarding gait balance when fixed or suddenly appeared obstacles are involved. The papers are Age Effects on Strategies Used to Avoid Obstacles, and Anxiety-mediated gait adaptations reduce errors of obstacle negotiation among younger and older adults: Implications for fall risk. We have been looking for protocols and …

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Virtual Obstacles in Gait Balance Assessment

Our balance assessment research is currently at the point of transforming from a stationary standing paradigm into the dynamic walking paradigm. In the standing paradigm, we explored the assessment of anxiety-caused imbalance through various intensity levels of sound and visual flow. However, the dynamic and stationary paradigms are so different that we cannot use the …

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