Ken Perlin


Origin story

We’ve been spending most of the last year creating a story that takes place about 10,000 years ago in Northern Europe. It’s a story of a young Shaman-to-be who needs to connect with the spirit world. My co-creator Kris Layng and I were drawn to this story partly because it describes a time when humans […]

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A is for Alex and all AR creatures B is for Beautiful interface features C is for Connor who codes like a pro D is for Demos on Oculus Go E is for Eric who thinks about sonder F is for Future Reality wonder G is for Graduate students who code H is for Hanako

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Telling stories

We all love listening to stories. When we were children our parents told us stories, and we loved hearing them. For every child knows that in the land of stories anything is possible, and reality is whatever we can imagine. Yet as much as we learn by listening to stories, we learn just as much

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