A is for Alex and all AR creatures
B is for Beautiful interface features
C is for Connor who codes like a pro
D is for Demos on Oculus Go
E is for Eric who thinks about sonder
F is for Future Reality wonder
G is for Graduate students who code
H is for Hanako in VR mode
I is for Images full of delight
J is for Jess who will make it all right
K is for Karl, Kris and Kevin, all rad
L is for Lobser-led MeetUps we’ve had
M’s Marta, Marcus and Mia and Mike
N is for Nights VR-riding that bike
O is for Open source without constraints
P is for Pasan, Paloma and paints
Q is for Quality time just to gab
R is for Redheads — two in one lab!
S is for Siggraph, Sebastian and Sue
T is for Thomas and for Tati too
U is for Users who never are wrong
V is for Vives that we order through Hong
W’s Wenbo, and cool 4D scenes
X is for XR, whatever that means
Y is for You, friends I’ve come to know well
Z is for Zhenyi and Zhu. FRL!

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