Two is a complex number

Two mammoths who have found their love ideal
Yet how can they be sure their love is real?
The partner who can make their heart so merry
Might very well be quite imaginary

But then they find (to mutual elation)
They’re both unreal. Happy conjugation!
It’s more complex for amorous designs
Of real mammoths who’d extend their lines

For real mammoths, sadly, can’t be found
They’ve all become extinct — they’re not around
And yet I know a mathematic hack
That may provide a way to bring them back

        Imaginary mammoths! Here is why:
        They just need to learn to multiply

Ken Perlin
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2 responses to “Two is a complex number

David A Smith

i^4 is how many times they need to multiply to create just 1

Ken Perlin

From the union of these two
We’d get a negative, that’s true.
Yet by the second generation
There’s another iteration.
And when those mammoths multiply,
Results are positive, by and by!

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