Telling stories


We all love listening to stories. When we were children our parents told us stories, and we loved hearing them. For every child knows that in the land of stories anything is possible, and reality is whatever we can imagine.

Yet as much as we learn by listening to stories, we learn just as much by telling them. To teach is also to learn.

For the last two weeks, our lab has been putting that philosophy into daily practice. Fourteen members of our lab have begun a round-robin schedule, each posting once every two weeks, each speaking from their own passion about their research here.

After all, the mission of the Future Reality Lab is ultimately about developing new ways to help people communicate. For example, my own research using Chalktalk is really just a way for me to tell stories about topics that fascinate me.

I think everyone in our lab has a similar passion for storytelling, and for the joy of learning through teaching. So it is heartening to witness each of our lab members putting their own unique storytelling abilities into practice with such wit and grace and elegance.

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