Author: Karl Rosenberg

Author: Karl Rosenberg


Zhenyi, Ken, and I are waiting at the airport to depart to Scotland. There, we will attend SIGCHI to present our Late Breaking Work Exploring Configuration of Mixed Reality Spaces for Communication. I’m looking forward to all of the events and meeting other people in the field. First comes the voyage.

What is Next?

I’ve spent a bit of time implementing a new feature for the Multiuser Workstation / Chalktalk VR project in which you can opt to follow another user’s movements and watch the world from the alternative perspective the other user offers. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the result works as nicely as I imagined it would.…

Hot Reloading

Recently I have been working on a C++ 2D renderer that I hope to use for a couple of projects, including the game I have discussed in previous posts. One project is a mini C++ graphics coding playground, inspired in-part by the simplicity of Processing and the instant-feedback of Professor Ken Perlin’s GLSL shader graphics…

Paper v2

Earlier this week, Zhenyi and I submitted a paper on the work we’ve been iterating over the past few months. I think we were successful in writing something significantly more polished than our first iteration of the paper, which, I believe, needed more time to be developed into something more focused and concise. Based on…