Author: Karl Rosenberg

Author: Karl Rosenberg

Working on Multi-user Chalktalk

Most of us here are preparing a large palette of videos and experiences to present to visitors and potential partners. Within the general sphere of this activity, I am working to make Chalktalk’s multiple user support more robust, which requires a major rewrite of the core code-base. Since I’ve familiarized myself with the project fairly…

World Science Festival

This Sunday we will be presenting Chalktalk VR as part of the World Science Festival. See the festival’s site here: and our previous publication here: location is Kimmel Center if you’d like to try or take a look. This will be the first time the system as it is now will be run…


Zhenyi, Ken, and I are waiting at the airport to depart to Scotland. There, we will attend SIGCHI to present our Late Breaking Work Exploring Configuration of Mixed Reality Spaces for Communication. I’m looking forward to all of the events and meeting other people in the field. First comes the voyage.

What is Next?

I’ve spent a bit of time implementing a new feature for the Multiuser Workstation / Chalktalk VR project in which you can opt to follow another user’s movements and watch the world from the alternative perspective the other user offers. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the result works as nicely as I imagined it would.…