Paper – Success!

Today, I am happy to write that the paper relevant to one of my previous posts has been accepted! Specifically, it has been accepted as a Late Breaking Work to this year’s SIGCHI conference. Zhenyi, Professor Ken Perlin, and I collaborated on this paper.

For the project, we implemented multiple ways of configuring content and users in an MR environment to explore how these configurations (side-by-side, face-to-face mirrored, and eyes-free) affect communication. (Zhenyi described the eyes-free in a recent post.) The paper, I think, represents a milestone for our ongoing Multiuser MR Workstation project as well as Chalktalk (MR/VR). I expect that we will host the paper on the FRL site once everything is finalized for the conference. Until then, please see the video below (credit to Zhenyi for making the video and Pasan for many of the diagrams):

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