More Museum Progress

I’ve been working on my museum for a while now and I’m closer than ever to finishing the project. The last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with Unity’s terrain system which has been both fun and frustrating. It’s fun to see things come together and look nice but I’m frustrated by the limitations of the system. For example, the trees and grasses it lets me generate can only use specific shaders that the system supports, the nature shaders. These don’t give me the ability to use multiple texture maps to make my models look as nice as they could be nor do they allow the vegetation to correctly react to the lighting in the scene. As a result, I’ve had to change the time of day for the scene from daytime to nighttime – this way the trees don’t look as bad. I have heard that the latest version of Unity contains a significant update to the terrain system which I feel would be worth checking out.

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