From the tail-end of my previous post: “Next time (I think): more on this project and “why I am thankful that we have a piano.”

I guess this might seem like a curveball, but I need to postpone the music-related post. Today’s post features another session of Chalktalk-related “goings-on.”

This week we had another opportunity to demo the VR version of Chalktalk I briefly described in my first post. In short: a while ago, Zhenyi created an Oculus Go branch of the Unity project to display Chalktalk as a curved view that wraps around the user. More recently I have been working on this branch as well.

(Credit to Zhenyi He:)

Moving beyond this demo, we anticipate a research project revolving around developing and testing Chalktalk VR as an education tool for use in schools. Students could enter the Chalktalk world (physicially in the classroom or in a remote location) and become immersed in interactive lessons. For class assignments, they could also create experiments (e.g. science, math) through the platform. This would all be part of an educational ecosystem of sorts. (The desktop/laptop version of Chalktalk is already being used in the classroom, but this project goes beyond.)

The idea is to see how Chalktalk can be used to facilitate a more flexible style of student-interaction-driven education, and (through rigorous testing) gain an understanding of the effects of such a system. I am pretty excited about this project, so I will likely share some more details once they become available.




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