Zhenyi He

IMU Prediction

Recently, we are trying to setup a framework to account latency for either video pass-through or optical see-through glasses based on IMU data. Suppose we can find the pattern of head movement, especially for rotation movement, so we can predict where the head’s rotation will be. Thus we can pre-rotate the world for the user …

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Eyes-Free Communication

Recently I added a new configuration to our multi-workstation project. It is called eyes-free configuration. Inspired by artist’s work and previous comments on mid-air drawing, I borrowed the idea that user is drawing on an out-of-view surface while the result is simultaneously displayed on both the surface and another floating screen. Thus the user can …

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Small Progress of Holodeck

Recently I made small progress for project Holodeck. Holodeck is a project that several labs are contributing to for our vision of future interaction. It includes various components and different use cases. What I recently did is starting to create a unity client for sending and receiving data. The current network components of holodeck are all in …

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Drawing Lines

Recently we are wrapping the ChalktalkVR code and optimizing it, to some extent. First, we got the “splitting” feature integrated into the main branch. That means no matter how many lines we have in Chalktalk, ChalktalkVR is able to render that. (If not, report to KTR.) However, we found that when the amount of the …

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Multi-user Experience

We have been working on multi-user experience in mixed reality for a while, because we have faith that people want to spend time together. However, I have confusion on both developing social interaction and enjoying that. It is always tedious and complicated to me during developing multi-user experience, including both hardware and software. For co-located …

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MR Chalktalk

Last week we submitted a Chalktalk related work to CHI. I always want to push Chalktalk to an HCI conference because it deserves that. Although we have so limited time because of various reasons, we made it eventually, thanks to Ken and Karl. MR Chalktalk is the nickname when we were thinking about a phrase …

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