Small Progress of Holodeck

Recently I made small progress for project Holodeck. Holodeck is a project that several labs are contributing to for our vision of future interaction. It includes various components and different use cases. What I recently did is starting to create a unity client for sending and receiving data. The current network components of holodeck are all in node js. I have to agree that node js is friendly to low-level network flows. However, considering the benefits for most of the other projects in our lab, a unity client implementation in this network is beneficial. One strong point of the network framework of holodeck is that it is open to the world. Developers don’t need to carry a router and set up an internal network for data exchange. The server is running in NYU and all the ports and forwarding configuration are already adjusted for the external network, thanks to Robert.

Once we are ready to have unity clients smoothly running in the whole network framework, also measurements for both ethernet connection and wireless connection are required, we can run Death Star everywhere. We just had a small discussion on different use cases and configurations in MR for multi-user presentation this afternoon. I saw possibilities from this vision.

And I finished the editing for a video today. Very proud of myself haha.

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