Configuration for Multiple Boards

Recently I just support various configurations for multiple boards. We have multiple boards for a while, which means we can fully use the limitless space in VR. However, it only happened in our side-by-side configuration. It costed my a while to find the correct math to support the other two configurations, mirrored face-to-face and eyes-free. Eventually, it is working!

Karl and I need a function, called selecteCurrentBoard, for other purposes. And this helps me a lot when I need to support multiple boards for all the configurations. For example, I flipped the other avatars to the other side of the board when in mirrored face-to-face configuration (when there is only one board). And now I flipped the avatar, based on which board they are looking at, aka the current local board corresponding to them.

Take a look at the gif.

Multiple boards for multiple users in mirrored face-to-face configuration

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