Eyes-Free Communication

Recently I added a new configuration to our multi-workstation project. It is called eyes-free configuration. Inspired by artist’s work and previous comments on mid-air drawing, I borrowed the idea that user is drawing on an out-of-view surface while the result is simultaneously displayed on both the surface and another floating screen. Thus the user can rest their hands on a surface during the communication and the hand or arm itself won’t block the content either.

It is quite fun when I draw small-scale objects for a long time. More interesting ideas can be explored here, such as the scale. I found out Pasan’s drawing pad is much smaller than the monitor. Obviously, the drawing pad is designed to use asymmetric scale as monitor’s. And we usually rest our palm or elbow when we are writing /drawing, it leads to the limited activity area too.

In addition, when the amount of the group increases, how the mid-air content displayed, how horizontal surfaces locate, and whether to change view port based on each of them are all interesting scenarios.

However, the smaller the interactive area is, the more precise we required for the input. VR controllers are still working but maybe not ideal for accurate input. We will see.

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