Michael Gold

This 129 Year Old Theory About Art Explains Why TikTok is Such a Hit with Gen-Z

In his 1889 essay “The Decay of Lying,” Oscar Wilde called for the return to “lying” — not as politicians lie by misrepresenting facts, but as artists lie through exaggeration. Bored by the realism art movement of his time, Wilde argued, exaggerations are what makes art aspirational, and, “Life imitates Art far more than Art …

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One of the things I like most about studying a new topic is learning about the tools used by practitioners in that field. Through my process of implementing computer vision / deep learning research papers, I became aware of the Python Pandas module that is widely used by data scientists. When used within a Jupyter …

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not black_mirror

At our weekly lab meeting this past Friday, our research group conducted an exercise. We each spoke about examples from a possible not-to-distant future where screens had been replaced with less obtrusive technology. Our goal in this process was to call out the things that had changed. There was only one rule: Technology changed things …

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Tricking OpenPose

As I continue my research in deep learning and computer vision, my goal is to learn more about the limitations of what is currently one of the most popular methods for estimating human poses – CMU’s OpenPose system. As shown in the video above, this method can produce impressive results when the entire body of the subject …

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First look at OpenPose

Today, I implemented the OpenPose library on two of my machines. OpenPose uses deep learning through convolutional networks to estimate human poses from single camera footage. My first attempt – implementing OpenPose on my laptop For this first attempt, I compiled OpenPose on my laptop which is running Ubuntu 18.04 and has an integrated Intel …

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