Ken Perlin


VR is other people

I have been rather concerned recently that major industry players are missing the boat on the potential of virtual reality. This was confirmed for me this past Friday, when I attended an industry panel on the future of VR narrative. To my bewilderment, the panelists described market scenarios and economic models that were, on the …

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Future vision

In the NYU Future Reality Lab we spend much of our time thinking about the near future, because that’s what we can actually prototype and then study. But what about the far future — not five years from now but perhaps fifty years or more from now? One thing that I’ve been thinking about recently …

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Choosing colors

I was going through some of my older experiments and I came upon this picture. It’s not much — just the visual interface for a simple computer graphic xylophone. Yet as I looked at it, I remembered how much time and care I had taken in designing the colors. My general plan was to go …

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Accidental mandala

This morning I was working on an algorithm for being able to write text quickly by drawing with a VR/XR controller without needing to look at the controller. Technically this is called “eyes free” writing, because when you don’t need to look at what you are doing with the controller, your eyes are then freed …

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Shape shifting

In the course of implementing a new computer graphics algorithm, I recently found myself immersed in the wonderful world of polyhedra. In particular, I got to play with two of my favorite polyhedra — the cube and the rhombic dodecahedron. The first one everybody knows about. The second one is a little more obscure, but …

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Gazing at SIGCHI

There are so many papers to attend here at SIGCHI 2019 that the experience is quite overwhelming. At any given moment there are about 20 different things you can choose to attend, between all the courses, papers and other gatherings. There is a joke that going to SIGCHI is almost like not going to SIGCHI. …

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