Arch Index Data Collection Needs Your Help


I have been working on Arch Index measurement by utilizing Tactonic pressure-sensing floor mats. Recently I updated my Arch Index software to make the results more similar to the ones obtained by Harris Mat which is the traditional measurement widely used in clinics. Please see and if you are interested in how it works.

The results from myself and a few colleagues have shown the research could be promising. But in order to make the experiments more convincible, we need more people to test the software. The task is very simple and the whole process shouldn’t take more than 25 mins. First, testees need to take off their socks and shoes, and we capture their footprints with Harris Mat when they are standing and walking. Next, we will use floor mats to capture footprints when they are standing and walking. This research is IRB approved.

I have been asking a favor from my colleagues to participate in the data collection. Thanks to all of them for their time! We are going to test at least 20 people. If you are interested to know more about the research and to try it out, feel free to contact me: at

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