A Brief Post on Goings-On


There is one “blackboard” in the desktop version of Chalktalk, but in Chalktalk VR there is the potential to have multiple boards visible simultaneously. To achieve this, I plan to reuse a feature that had a greater role in one of the earlier versions of Chalktalk–sketch pages. These allowed you to have multiple instances of the blackboard interface, each with its own sketches. These sketches couldn’t interact with each other across sketch pages though, and only one of these sketch pages was visible at any one time. It turned out not to be very useful to have this feature on the desktop, so since a long while ago only one of these sketch pages was created to hold all sketches. This is the blackboard that you see when using Chalktalk. However, for Chalktalk VR it is useful to have these sketch pages so we can move between virtual boards when switching between lessons or copying and pasting content (for example).

I’m thankful that the sketch page functionality wasn’t removed!


I am very busy with paper-related adventures. Thank you for reading, and until next time!


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