50+ Post Streak


53 days ago, we launched the Future Reality Lab Blog, and our lab members have posted every something new every single day since then.

As we build up our library of posts, we have been discussing how best to organize this content.

There are some obvious things we plan to do next— like creating bio pages for our lab members with links to the posts they’ve written.

I’m curious what else would make this website more compelling for our readers.

Would you like to see more posts of a specific type of content such as how-tos or project updates?

Would you like to write in questions for us to answer?

Do you have other ideas?

Let us know in the comments

1 thought on “50+ Post Streak”

  1. Would love to see a project page with links to blog posts that relate to the projects! I think it would be helpful to see posts organized by the project so that really interesting posts aren’t hidden because they were written a while ago.

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