Vancouver, Canada – Siggraph 2018 Main Building

Line for Cave’s 1st Public Showing

Our pre-show room featuring Marta’s binaural soundscape of the Ice Age on Bose’s prototype eyewear headphones.

Bose’s Prototype Eyewear Headphones

CAVE Mainshow Room

Wireless inside out 6 DOF VR headset (Google Mirage) with Bose’s prototype eyewear headphone attached.

Future of Movies


Family Outing to the Ice Age via VR

Successful Meeting in XR

Seeing Yourself



Our Tech Director, Director, and Executive Producer (from left: Sebastian, Kris, Ken) scheming in the backroom.

Our Director, Kris Layng

Marta, our genius sound designer / engineer, watching over the pre-show room

Our Post-Show Team crunching before door opens (From left: Alexandra, Aaron, Tom, Mike)

One of our assistant producers, Mia, prepping for doors open

Marcus, one of our assistant technical directors, prepping the headsets for showtime.

Susan, another one of our assistant producers, running lead on wrangling people in VR.

Paloma, our amazing animator, trying out our pre-show experience.

Also shoutouts to everyone who’s not in one of photos above (Sorry! Only keep so many photos on my local harddrive) and to those who didn’t come to Vancouver with us.
Jess – Producer
Pasan – 3d Modeller
Thomas – 3d Generalist
Dan – Videographer
Tati – Assistant Sound Engineer
Dennis – Assistant Sound Designer
Matt – (Bose Representative) Experience Lead
And to all the Docents that helped out with running the shows all week!


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