Whisper Room….shhhhh

Ever want to sing out loud or scream without anyone else being able to hear you? Well now you can!! We have a new sound booth! Christy and I had the daunting task of setting up the booth. Fortunately, the company sent instructions along with the shipment. The sound booth is located in the corner of room 342. So, if you want to check it out, please do!

On another note, I wanted to mention that this will be my last post as I graduate in a few days . I will absolutely miss the FRL! I’ve made great friends and am grateful for the time I spent here.  I will still try to stop by for as many Friday meetings as possible! I love learning about new projects and what people are working on. I spent a solid ten minutes every day asking Pasan about his museum project. (It’s awesome by the way if you haven’t seen it!)

Thank you all so much for making my experience here so wonderful. It’s been a blast!



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