What is Next?

I’ve spent a bit of time implementing a new feature for the Multiuser Workstation / Chalktalk VR project in which you can opt to follow another user’s movements and watch the world from the alternative perspective the other user offers. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the result works as nicely as I imagined it would. It feels weird to be locked to some other person’s movement, even if you disable rotation tracking. I doubt that things will get much better if I lock vertical translation. After that point, the feature becomes regular VR teleportation, which doesn’t make sense to use for close-quarters VR collaborative environments. Of course, maybe we will have larger work spaces to justify that sort of teleportation feature, especially since tetherless good quality devices are around the corner.

I am still interested in the idea of seeing the world from different perspectives though, but I don’t think that the implementation is heading in exactly the right direction. At the very least, the networking, logic, and discoveries leading to the current implementation will be helpful in the long-run, and perhaps I can use them for something else. What is next? I am not sure yet. We’ll see.

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