Time Crunches


The past week or so has been pretty hectic, so today’s blog post will be brief: a symbol for the little time left before SIGGRAPH 2018 and other deadlines.

-The previous Friday we had a board-game night, as sometimes we take breaks;

-[redacted] sent a film crew to the lab from Monday through Wednesday to make a segment for a VR research documentary–interviews and demos abound, especially revolving around CAVE and Chalktalk.

-This week most of us are departing for Vancouver to show CAVE to the world.

-I implented a form of slope physics in my game project. Trying to climb a steep incline slowly won’t work (you’ll slide back down).

-Also, I aim to write a mini paper introducing some ways in which Chalktalk can be used to teach programming concepts.

Thanks for reading today’s edition of Lightning Blogging. (Next time: probably something more comprehensive!)


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