Testing with Tablets


Since I have been back from SIGGRAPH, we have been talking about ways we can make multiuser AR experiences that are readily available to the public without the need for AR specific equipment. Recently, I have started some testing with tablets, specifically iPads. Since iPads are commonplace when compared to XR headsets, this increases our potential audience, allowing users to more easily access whatever we create.

Using Google’s Cloud Anchors API, I sought to create a scene broadcasted to multiple users. I was pleasantly surprised at how firm objects anchored in the Unity scenes were. Augmented Reality often struggles from “floating” issues, which basically means that objects that are supposed to standing in our world space tend to shift around in an unrealistic. Luckily, in this case, the character stood rather firm allowing me to believe he was actually a part of the space he claimed to be in.

Additionally, Cloud Anchors easily allowed for other users with iPads to view the same scene I was. This is also a plus!

Anyways, I have attached below some of the images from the demo I was playing around with.


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