Pressure-Sensing Shoe Inserts

Pressure-Sensing Shoe Inserts

I have been developing applications for Pressure-sensing floor mat for the past few years. When comparing to typical motion capture devices, floor mat proved it is irreplaceable on the tasks such as monitoring weight shifting and muscle movement. One piece of the floor mat is only about 2 sqft. People may not be able to make a lot of motions other than standing. However, the floor mats can be connected together forming into a larger mat. We had tried successfully to make 12×2 and 3×2 floor sensor matrices. People can walk on the trail while the pressure of their feet will be captured and shown as a heatmap in real-time.

But after a few months, we may not need a large matrix of floor mats to capture pressure data of a walking or running subject. We are going to convert floor mats into shoe inserts. And the current cable connection will finally be replaced by a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or wifi. In this way, we no longer need to cover the whole floor with the floor mats to do gait analysis related research, just put a pressure-sensing shoe insert into each shoe of the subject. If the pressure sensing shoe inserts are really implemented, I believe the capabilities of the applications will definitely be extended a lot. Sports professionals can use it for analyzing motions and improve their performance. Physical Therapists can use it to collect their patients’ real-time gait data. We even can use it to verify identification based on gait recognition.

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