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On Daily Blogs

On Daily Blogs

After wrapping on CAVE, today the lab celebrated.  We took an abbreviated tour of the nature around Vancouver, and enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by drinks and great conversation.  I turned in early to give myself time to rest and prepare for our early flight tomorrow night.

I have a great deal of admiration for Ken’s daily blogging habit — it’s easy to underestimate the discipline it takes to keep that up for so long.  I only post once every two weeks.  While it’s quite easy to do most of the time when you’re working well at a sustainable pace, it’s harder when you’ve just finished a big push and have just began to rest and recover.  You find that what’s to say has already been said, and have to salvage some thought from the least-lit corners of your brain just to keep the trend going.

I sure hope that never happens to me.

Marcus Guimaraes
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