Marcus Guimaraes


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After wrapping on CAVE, today the lab celebrated.  We took an abbreviated tour of the nature around Vancouver, and enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by drinks and great conversation.  I turned in early to give myself time to rest and prepare for our early flight tomorrow night. I have a great deal of admiration for

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At Arm’s Length

For as long as we’ve told ourselves stories, we’ve wanted to crawl inside their worlds and enter their fantastical spaces.  Our world is drab compared to theirs; our experiences in stories would be so much more exciting if we could just exist within them, even if only for a visit.  Many creative forms have been

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Stumped on Thumper

Anyone in the mood for an opinion piece?  I serve ’em hot and fresh! Thumper, described by its developers as a “rhythm violence game,” was one of my favorite experiences of 2016.  It’s a visceral, challenging, and rewarding experience, finding new design space to explore in a long-flagging genre.  Like several recent indie games, it

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Global Input

My recent work has been focused on extending our lab’s unified XR input system to more platforms. This library makes it far easier for developers of XR experiences to deploy to different devices without having to rewrite code for each one.  Right now it’s just a convenient library for developers to have, but I anticipate

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