New Members Page!


Two weeks ago, I started working with the legendary Mike Gold on ways to update our FRL website.  The first thing we decided to work on is creating a members page.

In order to create this page, I first learned how to run WordPress using MAMP, a software that would allow me to run a local version of our website. I then tried out different WordPress themes to see if specific ones might already have a template for a members page. Ultimately, Mike and I decided that we could just use a bootstrap snippet and modify it in order to create our page.

Once finding a snippet, I used DreamWeaver to write an html page and css page that we could then upload to the website. DreamWeaver is a great web development tool because it lets you see the changes to webpage you want to create as you code.

The members page is up now! You can access the page by clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing ‘Members’.  I still need to gather more photos and bios for other members in the lab but hopefully the page will be complete very soon!


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