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As the title indicates, this is my first FRL post, and I am so happy to join this platform where people share their amazing ideas and insights. So please allow me to do a brief introduction.

My name is Longkun, and I am a coffee fanatic like most of the people in this lab. During the day, I work with all kinds of Mixed Reality Technologies. While I am not fiddling with a virtual reality headset, I enjoy doodling and creating, weird but borderline cute, creatures. Here are some of the stuff I made:

In my following posts, I would like to write more about tips and tricks that will hopefully help you to make your Unity projects dazzling. How is this relating to the future you might ask. I believe aesthetics should be a part of the consideration when we prototype the future. We as human beings are usually afraid of the future, as it indicates a sense of uncertainty. If we want to show people a positive future that mixed reality technologies will bring us, we should make our prototypes visually pleasing, as it is in our human nature to seek after aesthetically pleasing objects.

Longkun Yang
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Susan Darvishi

Great post!! 🙂

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