My First Post

As the title indicates, this is my first FRL post, and I am so happy to join this platform where people share their amazing ideas and insights. So please allow me to do a brief introduction.

My name is Longkun, and I am a coffee fanatic like most of the people in this lab. During the day, I work with all kinds of Mixed Reality Technologies. While I am not fiddling with a virtual reality headset, I enjoy doodling and creating, weird but borderline cute, creatures. Here are some of the stuff I made:

In my following posts, I would like to write more about tips and tricks that will hopefully help you to make your Unity projects dazzling. How is this relating to the future you might ask. I believe aesthetics should be a part of the consideration when we prototype the future. We as human beings are usually afraid of the future, as it indicates a sense of uncertainty. If we want to show people a positive future that mixed reality technologies will bring us, we should make our prototypes visually pleasing, as it is in our human nature to seek after aesthetically pleasing objects.

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