Museum Progress

The last 2 weeks, I’ve been working on various projects relating to SIGGRAPH 2019 and I don’t think I am able to talk about that work yet. So here is an update on my museum project which I have been slowly working on for the last few weeks.


I recently finished the blocking out of the museum and have begun to make the final models of the buildings. The final version has some changes in the proportions and angles and the models are more stylized. They are no longer simple blocks but have subtle bends and extrusions to give the models more variation and seem a little bit more natural.

I’ll be finishing this stage of the museum before moving on to the texturing. I’ll need to find a way to blend normal maps so I can make the building appear to have soft edges while still using the normal maps from the seamless textures I’ve made. I will also be redesigning the area around the museum as a large courtyard.

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