Hardware Synchronization for RealSense(Cont.)


Very occupied recently so please allow me to just share a brief progress for last post!

Like I mentioned last time, we have a basic idea about how to do hardware synchronization for multiple RealSense devices. Although the setup will become very complicated once we have more and further devices, let’s start from the simplest case first. We connect two RealSense directly with two cables, one plugin to pin 5 and the other to pin 9. With setting modes for master device and slave device programmatically, the depth cameras are synced, and their corresponding rgb cameras are synced with their depth camera. We did a rough experiment based on rgb camera. Belows are the captures from two devices.

Fig 1. Rgb camera and depth camera from device 1

We can see the stopwatch has the same number with unit 0.01s. Meanwhile we output the timestamp for each capture.

We can see that mostly two devices have same timestamp (in ms).

One tip I found with the experiment, we MUST use usb 3.0 cable to connect RealSense.

What’s more, Nick is building a flashing toy for depth camera to capture directly, and with higher fps. We will see.

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